wpSTK is an innovative technology company that builds powerful, secure and scalable infrastructure for businesses of any size.

How We Started

We have been providing both shared and dedicated enterprise-level hosting for the past 20 years. With time more and more of our customers have asked us our help for specifically WordPress optimized, secure environments. 

WordPress is very user and developer-friendly, but at the same time, it can be slow and in most occasions it can lack security, that is what made this a challenging task. We have accepted it as a mission to overdeliver for our customers!

Today you can enjoy the result of our continuous efforts to develop the best WordPress hosting infrastructure. Our highly sophisticated technology stack provides our clients with best speeds, reliable security, easy scalability but at the same time it is user friendly even for non-techies. 

We do perform security audits and anomaly detection daily. On top of that, our experts provide WordPress support 24/7/365 when needed. 

Your business is in good hands with us.

Our Mission

We are fully focused into providing web businesses with unparalleled high-performance WordPress hosting solutions.

What Our Customers Say

Ready to Move Forward?

At wpSTK we understand some technical aspects can be difficult to understand. Contact our friendly sales team now to see how we can help and get your project moving forward.